That is right; rubbish! I thought I could just leave AdriandHer3 and get on with my life now that my youngest one is 5 and the eldest ones are 14 e 17-years-old! Nope! I am still a mom. Their mom. And, not much has changed: it is 5pm , I am rushing about with dinner because no one else is. Do I want to cook for my children? Of course not. I have been doing this for 17 years, for goodness sake. I do not want to cook for anybody, not now. I just have to do it because I am a mom. Wait, a ‘stay-at-home-mom’.

So to all of you moms out there; we are back in business, let’s talk…

Shoot! 5:30pm! The worst time of the day for a mom – dinner time, bath time, brush teeth, bed time story (ha ha ha as if I have managed to stick to this routine every night), clothes for Kindergarten tomorrow, take the ballerina to ballet class at 7:50pm, pick her up at 9:15pm (dad will do that), make sure senior daughter is on track with College applications, laundry still going on, dishwasher too, my women’s group event is this Saturday, so it is the Women’s March in San Jose, check

What is left? A very tired 40 something woman, wondering in Silicone Valley, absorbing all the pressure, releasing all the crazy thoughts. Trying to find a way back into her career -perhaps, awakening an old passion – perhaps, and telling a lot of people and the school system to get lost! Because there are a lot of things around here which are just: wrong.

img_20170119_173732686_burst000_coverSpeaking about schools…this is  my 5-year-old homework sheet from Kindergarten. Since he started Kindergarten he has had a lot of frustrations. Nothing seems good enough for his teacher. I have received an email from her saying that he is having a hard time with his homework. I disagree; I think she is having a hard time with his homework.

The teacher wants Mateus to ‘write his opinion on the story’…

  1. He cannot write yet, but his effort was lovely! And he did not want his bunny to be colorful, so what?! If you are sad you are not colorful. Can you say something good about the homework? Look at that bunny: have you seen his long eyelashes!? Uuuu! The patterns on his clothes? So Burberry! Do me a favour.
  2. Should his opinion (a 5 year old) on the Bunny book be something like: ‘Well, considering all sides of the story I’d say the little bunny ran away because his anxiety grew on him, the pressures of the current school system just destroyed his self steem and creativity!’ – seriously?!

What is wrong with Education?


I am back. Thinking. Talking. Taking action. Join me!


adri xxx