Please don’t grow!

Being a mom is being controversial, a liar and fake!

I love my kids… mainly when they are asleep! The silence, the peace around the house! Then, I finally have some well deserved time for myself: I go on Facebook and post cute photos of my kids, or videos of my toddler playing, or I just go on looking at my children’s pictures, old ones, preferably. Can’t get away from them!

3kids small

When they are having tantrums I want them to grow up! Grow please grow, I cannot take this anymore! Then, when they grow up and are kindergartners…oh, that last Summer is a mix of feelings!’ Yay! Extra cash! No more paying for day care or preschool! Yay! Time for myself!  Real school time, homework, big kid, I won’t be wiping anyone’s butt anymore!’

If you have a 5-year-old and you live in the Valley, you are about to embark in the world of School! If you have a Senior…you are entering the world of ‘College’…in any case it is the time of separation. The so longed ‘time for yourself’! It’s here, it’s arrived! And you are ready, right?! Besides, you were going mad bringing up these kids- toddlers on your neck, teens on your nerves! It is your time now!

Many of us find ourselves in a limbo…I did it all and it is time to go back to work (yikes!) or, I have being a working mom and now I have no more babies (what?!), my baby is all grown up! (what?!)

In my case, I am going to have a bit of both…this is my ‘baby boy’s’ last Summer and next I’ll have a daughter leaving to College. I have waited so much for these moments, and I’m not embarrassed to say I do have a couple of feelings I am currently faking!

Fake feeling # 1: I’ve been pretending it is just awful that here where I live, in Los Gatos, California, my 5-year-old-son will join Kindergarten for only 2h30′ per day! It is close to obscene that all I will have time for is to take him to school, come back home, clear the breakfast table, check social media (ha ha) and go back to pick him up! Outrageous Educational system! How can a mother work!?

Reality: Thank God! That means I get to stay with him one more year!! One more year, hugging, kissing, telling him 24/7 how much I love him, being in the pool during Summer, pumpkin farms in Fall, Christmas lights in Winter!! We are good! shhhh!

Fake feeling #2: Next Summer, there will be one free bedroom at home! Finally an office! I hope my daughter will get into an English College because she is British, she wants to go back home and she will be so happy in London – I want her to be happy!

Reality: Please God, it will be so nice if she gets into a UC!! She can drive home at the weekends or at least for every holiday! Thanksgiving with the whole family!

We moms are like that; we go crazy, we complain, we demand our down time, we need to be left alone until we are really left alone!

We know we bring up our kids to the world, and we try to make a good job out of it. But…just between us: it is the hardest part of our lovely job as moms: to let them go!

Enjoy your madness!

mateus park

While it lasts! 😉

ju Alta vista.jpg

Much love, energy and strength to you all moms, everywhere! As for me…I carry on complaining a little and enjoying tons and tons of this exhilarating thing: Motherhood!

Adri xxx