Good bye post – we are all growing up!

As I sit in my living room to write what seems to be AdriandHer3’s last post, right in front of me there is a large screen showing our miscellaneous family pictures.


It is wonderful to watch how my little girls became young women, how my last baby became a big boy. And, it is scary to see how much less hair I have on my head now!


I used to think it was so hard to bring up two little girls and now looking back I can tell you:

‘Nope! It was a breeze! Any parent of a teenager, no matter how good their teens are, will say the same thing: adolescence is an extremely challenging time for parenting. It is a time when you know nothing, they know everything, and they know nothing! The results of that equation are heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.

As a parent, you suffer when your little kid has a fever, a horrible virus or an appendicitis surgery! Well, when parenting a teen, you think basically life must be over when they say they do not have any friends, or did not make it to the team, or worse, are experiencing teen depression or anxiety.

The thing is, when they are babies you experience a closeness to your child that is equal to nothing in this world. A love, a sense of great power exuding from your entire body and heart that will protect them from anything. When they grow up this power is still there, but it does not seem to be quite as effective…simply ‘kissing it better’ won’t do anymore.

Your teens may stumble and fall and all you can do is watch…pray…tear up quietly an dry your tears before they come home. Your unconditional love is there and they seem to reject it, but you know deep down they want to be loved, they need it so badly. So, you remain unchangeable, you… wait. It is all part of their growing up, the forming fabrics of their very own character.

As your teens strive to become young adults and to be as different from you as possible; you will catch glimpses of the great human beings they are becoming. Glimpses among all the chaos!

Just like my girls’s Polly Pockets, Bratz dolls and drawings used to be spread around our living room, today I have thousands of Lego pieces from my 5-year-old boy! I do not care, I do not even make a fuss for my son to pick them all up before going to bed. I just look at them and know…these too, will disappear way too soon…

Adri is saying a heartfelt thank you and good-bye! As my 3 wonderful children grow, I grow too! And without fear of growing old, or obsolete. I’ve  experimented all the time throughout motherhood: I made and still make tons of mistakes. I worked full-time, part-time, was a stay-at-home-mom…I loved them and also wanted to kill them at times! (not literally of course!).

Loving people for who they are, caring for people is something very strong in me. So now, I exit AdriandHer3! in order to look after my 4th baby: Cafe com Abraco: a very dear expat women’s empowering and inspiring group, which holds monthly events in the Bay Area. Cafe has been described in many beautiful ways, but Luciana Peixoto’s definition was quite on point:

‘…Cafe com Abraco is like a temple – as in a place where you search for spiritual peace – and in this place people/women are welcome and invited to share their interests as well as all aspects of their lives, without much fiction, imaginary characters or judgement…This is an innovation in the field of spirituality and human growth. This initiative is contagious and people participate without having to follow any specific philosophy. It is revolutionary!’

I have to thank Lu Peixoto once more for her kind words. I admire all women who truly empower one another. The ones who understand the meaning of ‘sisterhood’ and are ready and willing to help each other, without worrying about ‘who gets there first’. Lu Peixoto is one of them.Thank you for supporting us all!

We are all growing together and it feels good!

See you there @

I will be posting everything about our journeys, right here in Silicon Valley! You have no idea what we are up to! It is all good!!

Cafe com Abraco: Cafe Achievements! @ Xerox Parc, Palo Alto, August 2016

Want to know more about it? Check out our website or join our Facebook group Cafe com Abraco!

Adri xxx





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