Right next to you, that’s where I want to be!

I imagined this Mother’s Day completely different…

Wednesday, 5/4/16: My little boy has a small tummy ache and I give him a prebiotic supplement; things are fine.

Thursday, 5/5/16, pm: He has a tummy upset all night long, sleeps on and off, no tears. Around 2 am he throws up, then again…I am more than worried, but thinking it could be a rota virus, perhaps?

Friday 8am: as soon as the doctor’s open I am there. My little boy cannot put his right foot down, now the pain is clearly on his right side, appendicitis is on our minds. His pediatrician examines him, and although she is kind of ruling appendicitis off she says; “But go across the road to the hospital and do an ultrasound, just in case.” My husband then, decides:

‘Okay, I will go back to work, and you guys call me if anything’. (off he goes!)

In my mind and heart, I am like: ‘What?! No, really? I am going to the hospital by myself and will have to wait for the results by myself and they will be positive, you know?’

I toughen up and go, by myself. I carry my son (he is 21kg!) to the hospital entrance and ask for a wheel chair.

After the ultrasound they tell us to remain at the waiting room…

‘Shall I perhaps, call my husband?!’

‘Yes honey, why not? That wouldn’t harm’ – a nurse, looking at me with a pitiful smile…

‘Hi, Come  to the hospital! The result will be positive, come right now, please!’ (Me on the phone, with my husband).

I cannot tell yet what was the worst part of this story…but seeing your child in a hospital bed being taken away from you, through the big surgery theater doors…is just a very daunting experience. I kissed Mateus on his forehead and asked him to be brave. I assured him that everything would be alright, mommy and daddy would be right there when he woke up and his tummy pains would go away.

His bright blue eyes were full of tears which he would not allow to run down his rosy cheeks; he was trying to be brave. And that broke my heart into pieces. Still, as his mommy I felt confident that he would be okay… As my husband and I turned our backs and walked towards the waiting room, I had a flashback of all the wonderful memories made with my son. I was fully with him, I loved him, cared for him and gave my all to him during these amazing 5 years.

I felt like crying uncontrollably, I felt like rebelling against whatever, or maybe falling in my husband’s arms…but all of a sudden in the middle of chaos, came peace. Both my husband and I knew we could not face each other…no eye contact – just keep going, keep strong and let’s see our little boy soon.

Every parent who has a child going through some sort of surgery and general anesthesia, no matter how big or small the surgery is, wonders: what if… As for me, my sense of peace comes from prayer, from believing in an almighty God. He was merciful enough to warn us in time, for this surgery.

After one hour, the surgeon comes to meet with us and says everything went very well. We caught the appendicitis at the very beginning and it had not burst. He also mentions what a brave boy Mateus was, and that he was trully impressed.

Next: the anesthesiologist…well, he had some news to us…when he gave our son a muscle relaxer injection, Mateus had a reaction to it; his facial muscles went all stiff. This could be a sign of a bad reaction to the anesthesia and therefore, I should watch out for ‘sudden fever or blood in his urine’. Malignant hyperthermia could be on the horizon, in this case we were to call the doctor on his cell immediately, because he was worried. I felt like throwing up, fainting, crying. I did none of those. I just sat there frozen and afraid of seeing my son – I needed to have a happy, in control face to present to him when he woke up.

When we got into the post-surgery-room to meet Mateus, he was still asleep. I took one look at him and started shaking like crazy, could not control myself. It took some time for him to come round and that felt like an eternity.

Well, did I have a good night in hospital? I did not sleep at all, checking his fever and jumping off my chair every time the heart monitor beeped..Praise goes to all nurses from Good Samaritan Hospital, who cared for my son in such a loving way, who put my infinite worries to rest.

Thanks be to God and all my friends in prayer and good thoughts. All went well, no fever, a wonderful recovery, and we were back home for Mother’s Day!

There were many Mothers’ Days when I wished to be on a deserted island! Today, my wish is to be glued to my son, who is right by my side watching a movie and relaxing 🙂

This is the most perfect Mother’s Day it can be!!! I got beautiful hand-made cards from all my 3 children, special breakfast with crepes and flowers, my elder daughter woke up at 6am to bake me a surprise heart shaped cake! (teens do not wake up before 12pm on a Sunday!).

mothers day ju clara matyi

To all moms caring for their sick children, at home or in a hospital bed…God bless you all and may He bring peace to your hearts, strengthen your souls and carry you in His arms when you feel you can no longer stand.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Adri xxx






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