Tears in the Valley

Youth suicide, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. When you no longer appreciate life, and yet you are only in your teenage years. Any parent of a teenager, like myself, reading this article worries about the quality of life we – really – have over here.

train Palo Alto

We question ourselves; ‘Am I putting too much pressure on my kids?’, ‘Am I protecting them enough?’ or ‘Am I protecting them too much?!’, ‘Are my kids okay?,’Are they telling me everything? or Nothing?!’, ‘What about my school district?’.

Something is really wrong and kids are sad. They are confused, they are sick, they are lonely, they are overworked, stressed out. Pretty much like many of us parents living and working in Silicon Valley.

Most of us are struggling. Many of us are lost. People are lonely.

There has been a shift in what is important, what is precious, what is right. Kindness, friendship, empathy, respect for one another, having fun, are the least of our worries. No wonder our children do not know how to get help or how to give help.

We all learn at different paces – while some kids have excelled intellectually and there is a minority in the Valley which are fit for College at age 13 (!), others have well-founded emotional skills that can help them dealing with life’s curve balls. We need to bring these two skills together; intellectual and emotional.

We have to stop penalizing each other, stop making our neighbor, our colleagues, our children feel inadequate. ‘B’ is good, very good! C is a pass, by the way. Carolyn Walworth – former student at Palo Alto High – wrote an article that describes what many of our students, here in the Silicon Valley, feel like.

I  have seen so much since I moved here to the Valley. And there are things I wish I had never seen or experienced.  I try to do my best by learning every day, sharing the very little I know – without imposing on others – I have learned that we all have our limits – and that is okay.

‘Peace begins where (high) expectations ends’. Sri Chinmoy

Adri xxx







5 thoughts on “Tears in the Valley

  1. Ola Adriana, Obrigada por dividir conosco. Que coisa mais triste, já havia notado os avisos e escutado de outros pais sobre essa situação. Realmente…. Lets all stop Running to no where… To all end up in the same place. What really matters is to be happy and make this beautiful world a better place.

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  2. Exactly ‘running to nowhere’! Mimi, venha ao nosso Cafe com Abraco esse domingo, se vc puder! Sera as 14hrs, no Starbucks de Los Gatos 🙂 Se vc quiser vir te mando endereco. Sera o: Cafe Ciranda das Mulheres Sabias! Abraco apertadooo!


    1. Muito Waldana. E, antes de chegarem a um sucidio ha muitas coisas pelas quais eles passam. Muitos sofrem calados. Muita depressao, ‘cutting’ e falta de amizades positivas, falta de apoio dentro e fora das escolas. Bullying – dumb girl (the “B’s), ‘low achievers’ (the ones doing 2 AP’s instead of 6!) e por ai vai a pressao socio-academica) no Vale do Silicio.


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