‘A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles’ – Tim Cahill

Looking back to this Summer’s trip from the Silicon Valley to Budapest and England: what an incredible experience!  I can see how much strengh I’ve gained from it. I realize how well behaved and really down to earth my children actually are.  Seriously, no bragging – I did not quite think of us like this, before we left the US. A lot has changed.

Throughout our journey we felt scared, joyfull, pleased, displeased, comfortable, really uncomfotable, welcome and not so welcome.  We’ve dealt with great disappointments and many ‘now what!?’ sort of situations. Our first flight got really delayed, we missed the flight from Zurich to Budapest, a lot of turbulence in one of the flights and a neurotic stuardess yealling: “Ladies and gentlemen put on your seat belts RIGHT NOW’! No kidding, it was dreadful, but now…it is our family joke; the day we nearly died!

Arriving at the airport and driving a stick car – I live in the Silicon Valley, stick car? Really?! Over here we are aiming at driverless cars, for peet’s sake 😉 It was me, my teen girls and our toddler, cruising around Budapest, with our lousy Hungarian, making tons of mistakes and getting lost most of the time.

The heat was almost unbearable. The logistics with the family were…well, you know families! Never easy… We were in this amazing part of town where you walk down a block and you meet the Danube! It was perfect; so Hungarian, so timeless! The little vendors by the river bank; a mix of contemporary and retro: Fellini with its colours and new flavours, the Langos shacks  – (Brazilians: imaginem aqui uma barraquinha de pastel) – with their usual run down looks and charms!

Fellini, by the Danube river bank; a must!
Fellini, by the Danube river bank; a must!

Budapest Cafes! My elder daughter and I felt like we were in a Cafe Marathon, as we were savouring as many lattes, coffees, teas and cakes as we could fit in one single afternoon! Cafes in Budapest are so full of European flair, flavour and taste!

La Delizia, Budapest
La Delizia, Budapest
Even donuts! I mean the best donuts ever!!!
Even donuts!? Donuts in Europe: a completely different ball game, so light, so yummy!

Ruin pubs, Arts Faires, Street markets and the majestic Hungarian Parliament -which we got to visit as VIP’s! That was too cool!

From inside the Grand Hungarian Parliament!
From inside the Grand Hungarian Parliament!
Where the fancy Hungarian guys used to rest their cigars! Check out the number ;)
Where the fancy Hungarian guys used to rest their cigars! Check out the numbers!

Then, you get on a flight or two and you are in England! Our home for nearly 20 years…How absolutely wonderful it was to land in Manchester! Even though I was driving on the right side, and again, a stick car 😉 I was at home, immediately, at home. And how can one not like people who call you ‘luv’ all the time?!

A sense of belonging :)
A sense of belonging – Roe Green Church, Manchester, UK

Our old house

This was our home!
This was our home!

our old street, the playground

These girls have been friends from birth. This is THEIR playground ;)
These girls have been friends from birth. This is THEIR playground.

and all our friends! IMG_20150711_181306075IMG_20150711_181443839IMG_20150710_115011522

Our little Church,

My Godson is soo cute!
My Godson is soo cute!

our 10:45 am Sunday service…where I was invited to give a little testemony. This was how I started:

‘Hi! I am Adriana, I am Brazilian by birth, Hungarian by marriage and British by heart. We now live in California, right in Silicon Valley. We have 365 days of sunshine, we have no rain for 6 months! We have all the high tech you cannot imagine! Yes, we have it all! There is however, one thing we don’t have: You. We don’t have you, and that makes all the difference’. The Valley is an incredible place, full of opportunities, but it is also a place where ‘no one cares’. It’s a place in need of a heart’.

So, back here in the US, I can tell you: I had an amazing time! I travelled for over 15 hours to be home, with my friends and family. I bought nothing, I did not tour around much. I believe I gave the only thing I truly have: my time and love to people I care about, a lot. And, when you give you receive. I came back restored.

I invite you all to join me for a friendlier Silicon Valley experience: let’s put a heart in it! Not for the sake of ‘community service’ in your resumes, but for ourselves and for our children.

Cafe com Abraco/Coffee with a hug: we are meeting again! August 1st, Regale Winery, Los Gatos, CA. Cafe Relacionamento/Coffee Relationship: is  our next topic. Visit our Facebook group to get more info! Cafe com Abraco

love and hugs!

Adri xxx

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