Neither sympathy nor empathy!

Let’s talk business; business trips, his business trips…

Leaving me behind with two teens, a toddler and still wanting sympathy for a jet lag? You’ve got to be kidding me! ūüėČ

I jump off my bed at 6am, zombi myself towards a kitchen and start preparing 3 lunchboxes, then a decent breakfast, while trying to wake up 2 teen girls.

He wakes up at, let’s say, 7am (maybe later), brushes his teeth, shaves¬†(Lucky!I have a mustache myself by now), changes into clean clothes (Me? Apron over pajamas, real sexy!) and goes to the breakfast room, where a marvelous buffet awaits him and other adults.

I push my children out of the door, come back inside to pick up something I’d forgotten (do this about dozen times) carry my half asleep 41lbs toddler into my car, buckle him up. My teen, in the car, ¬†is giving me a furious look ¬†that reads: ‘We are going to be late, it is all your fault, you and your baby son who decides to do a number two at 7:55 AM; ¬†I hate you!’

He just takes the lift to the breakfast room then, drives a shiny and clean hired car to a child-free conference center.

Two days a week, I have no children with me from 8:30am to 4pm! The things I do at those ‘free times’ ūüėČ

He has no children 24/7 for 9 days and no kitchen! – Is that even imaginable?!?Sounds like a Walt Disney movie to me; so far from reality!

I plan a menu for 4 people, with 3 healthy meals a day plus lunchboxes, plus afternoon snacks. ¬†I endure all sorts of tantrums, I put down fire, I fight viruses and clean vomit off car seat. I pop into Wholefoods on Friday night, and buy soup because I am exhausted -can’t face any more cooking! The day is far from over; I have to pick up one teen from Recital rehearsal, at 8:30pm, and another teen from school theater at 9pm. Of course, these venues are at completely different locations and my toddler is beyond tired. Fun!

He gets to collapse into a pillowtop mattress with freshly laundered sheets every night! At the end of his business trip, he will visit his family. Europe is lovely, so easy and cheaper to ¬†travel by!¬†¬†(Mathematically speaking his stop over in Budapest sums up to¬†3 more days I’ll stay with 3 children, on my own!).

Friday night, 9:30pm. Toddler fell asleep in the car…we get back to the house, teens have dinner and go to TV time, it’s Friday. I cannot even remember if I have had dinner or what the heck ¬†has happened in the last 5 hours!

Earlier on, I’d called my husband to see if he’d already arrived at his mom’s. I heard background noises…

‘Is your mom there? Are the neighbours with you guys?’

‘No, my mom is asleep at home, I am at a pub with an old friend from school!’

‘Ow. Okay! Bye!’

How could he not meet his old friend from school, right? Right.

No sympathy! You men or women travelling on business will get no sympathy from me, whatsoever. Never. Ever. Ever. (rs)

Handling¬†one, two or three children by yourself in a country which is not even yours, is ‘challenging’; in business terms. ¬†‘Freaking maddening’ in a mom’s terms! So, for the record; I will consider it an absolute insult, if my husband arrives here ‘tired’.

Suck it up darling! No sympathy for you right now :p Maybe later…;)

I hope my hubby is not too many conferences...poor guy!
I hope my hubby is not too tired…so many conferences…poor guy!
'It's a hard knock life for us' lol
‘It’s a hard knock life for us’ lol

Adri xxx

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