Teens and Tots

Monday, March 9th 2015: The week we set our clocks forward, here in Silicon Valley.  I knew I was doomed to being late this week. It was also my daughter’s birthday. She was turning 13! But, she’s been a teen for at least two years now…all that happened on Monday, was an official warning: Adriana, you are now officially the mother of two teens. Oh, and don’t forget that toddler! Good luck, dear!

Here in America, as the birthday girl’s parent, you can pop in to the school and deliver some pizzas for the kids, as a birthday treat. If the kid is a kid and not a teen…some parents chose to sit with them as part of the treat! But, God forbid, you do that to a teen! Your mission, as the teen parent is very clear: hand the pizzas to your teen, at the office, with no balloons, absolutely no kisses and please, don’t speak. In and out. Simple.

Could I handle this simple task? Course not! Am I a connected mother with the school? Sure not! I have a toddler! I cannot volunteer as much, I cannot pay attention to details such as: knowing exactly what time my 13-year-old has recess. So, I rely on her to tell me the correct time, right?! Wrong! Never, ever rely on a very artistic and lovely 13-year-old!

According to my darling daughter, her recess finishes at 1:30pm and ‘probably’ starts at 1pm. So, to be on the safe side, I take my toddler to the park in the am and at around 1pm I have the 4 large pizzas in my car boot.

I park at school and think: Kind of quiet for recess…oh, the bell is just about to ring…I am so proud of myself! Not late!! I go in and my guts tell me: you are so not at the right place at the right time! Nooooooooo! She was wrong! Recess WAS at 12:30pm! And there was I, messed up hair, dirty jeans, toddler and 4 pizza boxes in hand!! My first thought was: ‘Can I please, see my daughter so that I can grab her by her arms and shake her a little bit, just a bit, won’t cause brain injury, promisse!’ Arghhhhh!

Well, as a very resourceful mother of 3, I deliver two pizzas to the teachers and staff, who are so happy for my ‘random’ act of kindness 😉 I then, come home with two large pizzas that will be our dinner. No cooking tonight 😉 Done! Tragedy and humiliation transformed! Ta-da!!!

When you have a little toddler and teens, the whole logistics of simple daily life activities are compromised. Your sanity is compromised. And, you are lucky if you are left with any friends, at all! Because, even though you do have a calendar, a schedule which you try to follow and be organized at some level…there is always that teen drama, that toddler tantrum lurking around!

Are you planning on having a family? Please, mind the gap!!!!!!!!

I love my life! 😉 I do I do I do!

So much fun has to happen before a pizza delivery ;)
So much fun has to happen before a pizza delivery 😉 And no, he is not struggling, he loves his ‘Bibi Lulu’ friends!
Cheese pizza, anyone?!
Cheese pizza, anyone?!

Have an awesome weekend!

Adri xxx

ps. Monday was her bday, but I could only deliver (try to) the pizzas…today! Logistics of a mother of a toddler and 2 teens! I tell you!

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