Democratization at home

Don’t you just love it when you hear this from your husband:

‘What do you do when he goes to school?’

‘What do you do when she is at preschool for 2 hours every morning?’ (Wow! 2 hours hey, girls!? 2 entire hours for ourselves…let me see, where do we start from: kitchen? laundry? make the beds, perhaps? What the?!?)

‘When our son is at preschool, twice a week; I sit back and relax because I have a robot that does all the housework for me! I also have an invisible friend who does the pick up’s and drop off’s of our older kids!’ Seriously, this kind of question drives me crazy! What kind of answer do men expect to hear to this unbelievable question?? They’ve gotta be kidding us, right?!

This Saturday morning, I came up with a ‘to do list’ and gave it to my crew saying:

‘Guys, I really need to sit at my desk and pay some bills, sort out paperwork. I also want to shape up my cv because: I’ve had it! I will no longer clean this house! Please, do not leave our Mateus in front of the telly. Hence why item number 3 on your ‘to do list’ is: ‘Take Mateus to the park with his bike!’ And, no; taking him to Home Depot does not count as ‘taking him out’!’

Did that work? Nope. Did they get stuff done? Partly. Did I get to my cv? No.

And today, I attempted to sit down (so daring) and read an article on Times magazine. After sort of ‘reading’ the article, I wanted to discuss it with my husband…(I know, right?!)

‘And what do you think about this democratization?’ Me to my husband.

‘I think it is….’

‘Dad dad dad! We have to build a track from here all the way to the pool!

‘Yes, sure, let’s do it!’ – My husband

‘You mean you agree with democratization?’ – Me

‘Dad dad you are not doing it… let’s do it NOW’ – our 3-year-old

‘No, I think this is….’ – My husband, anxious to give me his opinion.

‘Dad dad dad let’s build the track now!’

‘Mateus, we are talking, wait a minute, please, dad will play with you after we are done talking!’ – me in a stern voice…I haven’t ‘talked’ to my husband for about 1 week or longer! We have 3 kids…

Mateus makes the saddest, most desolated baby face ever…crosses his arms, lowers his head, sits down next to us and waits patiently…

We both look at our little one…look at each other…smile…and suddenly my  attempt to a brainy talk becomes so irrelevant!

Couples with kids need to go on dates, regularly! They have to make an effort, even though they are half dead on a Friday night, even though, all they want is to go to bed to sleep!

I made my conversation with my husband real short, and thanked my son for waiting patiently. I grabbed my little boy, kissed him, then he squeezed me into a delicious hug and off he went to play happily with his dad.

In that hug, I visualized my cv on my desk and thought about my good Irish friend’s advice: ‘If my option was to work full-time or stay home with my children, I’d have no doubts as to stay home with my children‘. Fortunately, for her, living in the UK, she can work part-time within her chosen career. Over here, in the US, we cannot. So, I guess with all the odds and within my toddler’s hugs…I still agree with her.

2014-12-26 14.36.53
I signed up to stay home with my children NOT to be a slave in the house lol

Have a great and sane week moms 😉

Adri xxx


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