I can’t do it!

Parenting is not challenging…good parenting is.

Try not to give sugar, TV, Ipads, computers, cell phones to your toddler AND keep sanity at the same time! And, not to have an ‘out-of-your-house-job’!

Noooooooo! I can’t do it anymore!

‘I want to watch Pokemon, I am a little bit big boy now!’


‘I want to watch Power Rangers!’

‘Noooo…’ No TV time now, let’s go play outside!’ – This is what I say to him and it is also what I dread, because I have so many other things I want to do like; ‘nothing’, nothing at all!!! Just sit here and be with myself and no one else! Quiet and secluded!

‘Let’s play soccer!’

‘NOOOO! I don’t wanna play soccer, I don’t wanna play with Hot Wheels or anything! Leave me alone!’ – This is me leveling up – (mentally in my own fantasy world! ) with my toddler.

Well, meanwhile I am saying to him that we are going to the park! Yay! (so not ‘Yay’ for me!). Then, my teen is waking up about now 11:45 am, having her breakfast and listening to me saying:

‘We are going out, please have your breakfast and get ready’

‘Where are we going, mom?!’ – Teen sounding excited!

‘To the park!’ – Me, knowing what is coming but keeping up with my fake smile 🙂

‘No! I don’t wanna go to a boring park!’ – Surprise, surprise! Teen does not want to leave the cave…

‘Do you think I wanna go to the park? Do you? Do you?! Exactly! But that is about the only thing you can do with a toddler! On a sunny day! He does not withstand a mall experience and you know it!’ – This was me, not being myself! Just having an Incredible Hulk moment, just that.

No one is happy. Except for my son who is anxiously waiting for me to play soccer…………

But, then, I remember!!Last night, about 11pm (yap) I was at Safeway and bought one of these little bubble machines (the cheap ones) and also play-dough! Woohooo! Ta-da! Guess who is so not playing soccer!? Me! I am not! Oh no, not today!

Just like magic, I produce this bubble thing out of my sleeve! He loves it and runs around the yard happily playing for 20 minutes or so. Then, the play dough comes along…and together these two little miracles bought me time to write down this post 😉

21st Century moms: how on earth do you do it all?! I don’t give an ipad to my son, or leave him in front of the telly for ever (I mostly do the TV thing when he is sick…) but, I am only human! I am giving in! Seriously!? In days like today all I want is to be with my friend Luciana. She is in Paris right now, on a (challenging) business trip visiting clients.Lu! Why? Why did you not take me with you?! lol

I bet all Luciana can think of is how her husband is coping with his own job, two toddlers and no super-wife around! Now, that is a challenge for a man. But knowing this man, I am sure he will pass with flying colours 😉

Sometimes I cope, sometimes I don’t! And that is when I cheat with little toys, a movie, or even…cupcakes! That’s me…practicing ‘imperfect parenting’ 😉

I am glad to be around my children, I know it is a blessing both for me and for them to be here enjoying this sunny day together! It is just that…sometimes…things get a little bit overwhelming, just sometimes 😉


Adri xxx


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