Resolutions! Really?!

As I sit in my couch (Jan 4, around 3pm),  about to read a book (blissful moment; father and son gone to Home Depot) I feel like writing down these resolutions, or more like reflections based on my experiences in 2014 😉

1.Back to push ups! (VS of course! The wires feel uncomfortable but what the heck?!)

2.Back to the my Language Industry field, at some point, this year …

3.Less social media (obvious reasons!)

4.More Lego! – does not require batteries or charging and keeps my toddler happy; simply perfect!

5.Try therapy! (I know, I know you guys are soo relieved now)

6.Finally publish my post on ‘American Educational System’ rough and tough guide – it is ready (sort of)!

7.Make no more friends!  (no kidding! waiting list for 2016 coming soon lol)

8.No more play dates at home, unless my friend cleaners are back in business!

9.Enough of me in my blog! It sucks!

10.Either I will find a way, or I will make one. (Philip Sidney)

Now, for real:  if I manage to stick to number 1 and number 10 I’ll be good!

How about you?! Did you learn your lessons from 2014? Here we go then! A chance to start all over! Just for that we should be more than grateful 😉

BEAUTIFUL Ted Talk on Gratitude

Adri xxx


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