Silicon Valley Life with kids

The Silicon Valley is an innovation machine, a thinking hub, a whole world of ideas and possibilities! It is the most tempting place I’ve ever been to. It is also fast, extremely competitive for adults and kids alike…It is probably the place where therapists are the busiest and people are most stressed out! YOU are HERE!

Living in the Valley has been very challenging . I find it quite tough and frustrating being a stay-home-mom, in the Valley… Your house, your kids, your husband, your whole life is invaded with tons an tons of information and opportunities. Which sounds good, but it is not really.  For me, it is like standing in front of those directory maps on the streets that point: YOU are here! And then you look at all the next steps you want to make but you just don’t. You, as a stay-home-mom just stand still in front of the map, minding your own business: The well-being of your children.


You want to network because it is so readily available and extremely well-organized for you, it is there, at your doorstep. You want to jump into social media, it’s a click away. You want to go to that dinner and the other one, too, because you’ve been invited and those are cool, interesting groups of people that you want to be part of. You also want to start-up a business! Sure! Why not!? Everyone is doing it! Besides, YOU are HERE!!!


Would I have missed out on being here? No! It is too cool of a place to be ignored. Beaches are 25 minutes from us, San Francisco is 40 minutes from our place, Palo Alto with its outstandingly beautiful and sought after Stanford University, 20 minutes away!

The Silicon Valley is surely not a friendly place, but if you can stomach it…you can get a heck of a life and working experience!  I am grateful for being able to have stomached the Valley for over 3 years now. And guess what?! Have not even being to a therapist yet! – thanks to my blog, thanks to my readers 😉 and  to my friends. Through my writing, I got an occupation I can do from home, connect with loads of people, and even be part of a very cool network of Brazilian women in the Valley. I can make myself useful not only at home but outside. Here are my co-workers: Talented Brazilian women; bloggers, artists, marketeers, professional women reinventing themselves!

If you are considering coming to the Valley and you are not  (sorry!) in your 20’s or 30’s and you have kids…take everything into account plus this:

Counselors, in both private and public schools, are seeing child & teenage anxiety in epidemic proportions. Kids, driven by high expectations, begin to crumble emotionally. The competitive pressures to excel and over-achieve, fuel the innovative mind-sets of many young families living in Silicon Valley, just south of San Francisco.  The stresses created are beyond the coping skills of many teens.’ by Charles Beeson, CHt.

It’s a very tricky place to be. On one hand, you have so many opportunities and you can change jobs fairly easily. You can reinvent yourself, you can get connected, you can raise money for your business. On the other hand, if you will depend on the few good government (or private schools) available for your kids…you will downsize your housing a lot. You will also put your kids under such a pressure that you, the one who came here to ‘make it or break it’…well, who knows!?

As this year ends, I wanted to give you guys a more candid glimpse of the Silicon Valley. It might help some to get off to a better planning for 2015!

Questions? Ask away! I can perhaps, give you some tips for survival in the Valley, if you dare 😉

Happy New Year!

Adri xxx


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