Christmastide untidy!

Merry Christmas!

It’s now 8:20pm in Silicon Valley, on December 25th, 2014! My husband is putting the little one to bed, my teens are each in their bedrooms, totally connected yet disconnected! Try and call them for dinner…mute mute mute. You hear nothing, headphones these days are so very efficient, huh? And the trance of ‘Parks and Recreation’?!  You tell me!

Christmas eve was wonderful: we were altogether in much disorder and chaos, lots of love and very little patience; my family! We were so happy! The children were super anxious to open the presents, of course. We said our prayers and for the first time, my husband spoke first, then our little boy followed on… The kids swallowed dinner, skipped dessert and just placed themselves on the floor around the Christmas tree!

One day before Christmas, I was reading lovely letters that friends sent over, together with beautiful pictures, cards…and I thought: how do you guys do this? I don’t even join in the photo card craze because I know I stand no chance at being on time with that! Just look at our failed attempts to capture one picture perfect ‘family moment’ on Christmas Eve…

IMG_2912 IMG_2916 IMG_2919IMG_2932

One of my Christmas presents from my husband was this book about Blogging. I started reading it and I must tell you readers…not gonna happen! This little blog of mine will remain lame; I cannot achieve so much with so little time in my hands! In this book ,they have interviews with famous bloggers; one of them is a mom of 3, just like me. Except that not…she is nothing like me at all! All her family pics are beyond perfect, so is her hair and complete attire…It looks like a great blog but it gives me the creeps! The more I read that blog, the more I thought: Hang on a minute…you cannot possibly be enjoying motherhood as much as you say you do, if you stop every second to take pics of your kids, like: ‘Hang in there children! These will be awesome for the blog!’ It is as if they are living a ‘Big Brother’ in a Blogosphere!

The other peculiar present was from my girls…

I have superpowers!!!
I have superpowers!!!

And my husband got this one from our girls…

Who!? Who is the Boss!?!
Who!? Who is the Boss!?!

Well, my husband seems to be the Boss and I am Mrs. Incredible!

I believe I’ve managed to care for all the important people in my life during this busy time 😉 I have been very emotional, true – expats get very sensitive during Christmastide… But, I have also been very, very happy just by looking at my family: my girls, my little boy, and the love of my life. They are here with me, driving me up the wall and placing me on cloud 9 all in the course of a day!

Come 2015 we are ready for you! As ready as a ‘normal’ (?!) family can be…


Adri xxx


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