Revisiting Adri

You know when you buy this outfit and you love it? Then, a few months go by and one day, you look at a picture of yourself in that once favourite outfit of yours? Which by the way, you thought made you look great…but you now think it is absolutely hideous and really sucks!?!

Same thing goes with writing…at the time of writing it made total sense. Then you revisit some texts, pages, articles and think: What the heck?! Emotions are not as true now as they were then. No wonder! Motherhood is a roller-coaster! And, no, I am not talking about all my posts: just the whining ones!

And by the way, isn’t it like that in life, in general? In our perception of the world and of ourselves? We change.

Truth is; it came as extremely sad news that one of our acquaintances’ child (same age as our Mateus, 3), has leukemia and is under treatment. It came as a shock to all of us. We are hopeful and joined in prayers. But, a mother cannot stop thinking of a mother going through this heartache.
Problems? Do you have any? Maybe you do… I just realized I have none.
One has to keep things into perspective, always.
Adri xxx


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