Too busy to live my life! What?!

What is wrong with me?! When my youngest one was a baby, I used to write way more often!
My children are now 14, 12 and 3…I can easily describe myself as: ‘a cooker, a PA and  sometimes, my husband’s lover  (we don’t get to spend much time together, but whichever little time we have…we make it worth it  😉

You know whoever said that ‘people can only do to you what you allow them to…’ Most definitely did NOT have children! Mother’s love is an insane thing.
You sin for love, you love for love and you live for this love, literally (that is why mothers cry when their children take off to College; joy! ha ha).

Recently, I’ve only had time for my personal hygiene! ‘Extras’ are for sissies!

You will not see me with a mani or a pedi, you will not see me with a fake tan, you will not see me with shiny beautiful hair, you will actually not see me at all! But if you do…just say: ‘Hey Adri! So good to see you! Come have a cup of tea with me!!

Don’t…ask me weird questions, don’t demand more attention, more phone calls (I lost my cell or my son has buried it somewhere!!), more of my presence…just be with me at that moment and enjoy it.

I promise to do the same for you! 😉 That is what real good friends are for!  One day our children will grow and we will have all the time in the world to play Bingo together (lol) !!


And no, I am not too busy to live my life: this is my life, right here, at this moment,  with my 3 little people.  And, every time I think of getting back to my career, I conclude: there is nowhere in the market place right now that I would possibly be making a bigger impact than in this one: my home.

Is it an easy choice? Nope. Is it my choice? Yes. For the time being 😉

Adri xx


5 thoughts on “Too busy to live my life! What?!

  1. Eu tenho um pouco mais de folga agora, pelo menos nesse momento recém mudança e filho mais velho pegando ônibus sozinho pra casa! Mas, tá difícil voltar para o mercado de trabalho depois de estar parada por tanto tempo… 😦


  2. Querid Betina,voce acabou de chegar na Suecia…curta o lugar primeiro;) No seu tempo certo, tudo de bom te acontecera!! Voce tem muitos talentos, mulher!! Bjs!


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