Mother’s Day – unfiltered…

It is tomorrow: Mother’s Day!  But, I started feeling guilty a couple of days ago – already! Then, my guilt kind of builds up reaching its height tomorrow morning…Because all I can think about my ideal Mother’s Day is:

Sleep in! With my door locked!!

Have breakfast at my favourite French patisserie! – A rich hot chocolate and a couple of mini croissants! All by myself!

Go to a spa for the day! Alone!

Hire a hotel room somewhere down the beach, and spend the whole day plus one night all by myself! Writing and eating Lindt chocolate!!

Well, the list goes on, imagination gets wild! It does not even need to be fancy, but my wicked thoughts on the ideal Mother’s Day are very individual, self-centered and indulging lol 😉

Then, I imagine myself at the end of this kind of perfect (!) Mother’s Day, sitting at a Court Room, as the ‘accused’ when the Supreme Judge strikes down his verdict on me:

‘Adriana; you are found guilty!’

‘Guilty of plotting against your family!’

‘Guilty of deceiving!’


‘Guilty of indulging!’


‘Guilty of abandoning’

Then, I snap out of it and think: I can balance this 😉 I can take the morning off…perhaps(?) Maybe, this year they will not give me breakfast in bed and crowd my bed. My toddler biting off on all my breakfast items, the rest of the crew discretely leaving, toddler staying behind 🙂  Life carries on, right ?! Family, children, Mother’s Day! It’s all part of creating good and funny memories! It is all good!

Thank God they are all here with me, they are all young chicks who have not flown the nest yet 😉 I know I will one day, have my hot chocolate and croissant, by myself…

All. By. Myself.

Happy Mother’s Day! You are beautiful just the way you are!

Adri xxx



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