I am now half-way into my parenting course. It’s been really eye-opening, revealing, reassuring, fun and incredibly useful!

For me, ‘Love and Logic’ put the fun back into raising teens and tots! I keep telling my mom I just want to meet these guys and kiss them in the mouth! lol Fine, not in the mouth…on the cheek? Tap on the shoulder!? There is no shouting, no smack bottom, no nagging! Brilliant! I have put it to test and it works! All ages!

We have a very especial guest with us for 2 weeks, so I am unable to write more. Really busy right now, a good, wonderful kind of busy.

All I can say is that I look forward to every Monday evening.  I not only get to get out of the house but I also get inspired,  have some fun (and cupcakes!). I touch base with other parents who share their experiences and frustrations, making me feel so fabulously normal 🙂

I encourage every parent to join a good parenting course. I was so casual about it, really did not think it would make much of a difference. In fact, I joined ‘Love and Logic’ in a moment of despair lol and went for my first class thinking of myself as an absolute idiot:

‘Adriana, you have 3 kids and only now you think there is something out there to be learned that you have not yet known?’ P l e a s e?!


Well, there is, and a LOT! 😉 The fact that my own mom (Master of Education, retired elementary school teacher and extremely wise human being!) is astonished with the way I calmly talk to my very calm toddler boy, and he responds to me…is on itself; sheer victory!

Cheers to the ‘Love and Logic’ guys! And if you are a desperate, tired parent reading this blog… just go find yourself some help: work on your skills 😉 There is help out there! There is! Yipiii!

‘Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I know that I would! So good, so good!!

Have an awesome week! I’ll be back! Promise!


Adri xxx


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