‘World’s toughest job’

There has been a lot of talk about this youtube video posted by a card store company.

Gosh! Do I really work like that? 24/7? Noooo….Yes….well, it is a mix, really.
Let’s be honest, we ‘stay-home-moms’ do stop by on facebook, skype our families (mainly the ones abroad ;), cheat our toddlers with some tv time (bad mom!), or iPad time (worse mom!) or whatever technology allows us to do for taking a minimum break! It is only human, to take a break, please! No more playing puzzles, trains or barbies today! Go watch Rescue Bots a little bit okay? Mommy is ‘busy’ now 😉 Or, play on your own for 10 minutes! In 10 minutes I make myself a cup of tea and…while the water is boiling, I fold the laundry, start new cycle in the washing machine and another one in the dishwasher. There goes my ‘break’, wow!

I liked the video a lot. I saw myself in many situations there, mainly the one in which ‘you sometimes have to stay up all night with the associate’ LOL. Do I miss my own bed some nights!? Forget my husband (!)
No breaks! No pay! Constantly on your feet and a lot of bending over! Uh-Huh…I bet most moms have an extruding disk somewhere in their spine, just like mine (estrupiadas mesmo kkkk!).

Mary Elizabeth Williams-author and staff writer for Salon – though, did not like it a bit and went ballistic in her article . My teen has read it and in her own words said: ‘She is trying too hard to be a feminist. The video wasn’t about demeaning anything or anyone, but about praising moms, on Mother’s Day, that simple.’ I guess my teen is right: A thing does not need to be about ‘ALL’ things(this was the comment of another teen defending the video against Ms.Williams).

As a working mom and a stay-home-mom I know being a mom is hard. But, this video is not about demeaning other professions or our male partners. For me, it was about making us think what moms, or anyone in charge of a child like a mom is…goes through…unnoticeable. As my wise and fabulous mom always taught us, back home:

‘Girls; staying home gives you no future, whatsoever. No one notices what you do at home, let alone your own kids!’

Do you think that was harsh?! Oh, I invite you to meet the woman herself, then!;) Mom has always worked full time and raised the 3 of us, girls, pretty much by herself. Dad was great but he was more like another kid, at home!

It’s been kind of my choice to stay home for a long while, but I do believe this is, for me, the toughest job I could ever got myself into. I just sincerely hope, I am being a good ‘Director of Operations’ for all it is worth!

And for the record, there are teens on tumblr whose reaction to this video was: ‘I cried and had to call my mom and give her a hug!”. Awww, do not tell me this is not a good video! It makes teens hug us!!!

Adri xxx


One thought on “‘World’s toughest job’

  1. Adri!
    Ótimo video!! Eu chorei! Muito lindo!! Meus filhos também viram e me encheram de beijos!! 😀
    Bom, posso dizer que quando os “associates” ficam maiorzinhos, dá para tirar um tempinho para descansar, mas, mesmo assim é 24/7 mesmo! 🙂


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