Being bored is a luxury!

That time of your life when you have recently moved abroad. You’ve married an Alien or married someone same nationality, who has accepted a position abroad. You happen to be a newly graduated Lawyer, or you are a Doctor or a Teacher, living now in The US. You cannot legally work, let alone work in your field. No job, no kids. What do you do?

You complain, you talk to your mom, your siblings,  your friends, over Skype and say you are so bored in this country, you cannot even tell! You cannot work, you don’t know what to do, your husband is having a good time and your life sucks.

Snap out of it! Fast forward and maybe see yourself with a lovely child or 2 or 3 and not bored at all. In fact, you are now so busy you are lucky when you can take a shower! Read a book? Only if it is about breastfeeding, temper tantrum or teen years! You see?!

Play back: You are young, you are bored, you are abroad.  How wonderful!!! To be bored is such a luxury! YOU have time in your hands! And that is precious! Don’t waste it away. Read, make new friends, help out in your community, try different things! Things you could not do if you were working full-time, in your country. Maybe, you are being blessed, right here, right now. What can you do in this place? Where can you make a difference? Who needs you? What are you here for? There is a reason and a purpose.

Some of us feel really lost (me) when we come to live abroad. I came out of hectic, bubbly Sao Paulo straight into the UK. I thought everything was just wrong: the miserable weather, the way people do not interact on the bus, the tube, at the shops. When commuting back and forth, British people read and do not even look at whoever is sitting at their side. For a Brazilian, this is murder! I wanted to talk to them. I needed to talk! I am Brazilian! Nope! Not a chance. I ended up talking to other foreigners, a lot of them.

I was quite adventurous in London, took all kinds of jobs – and yes, I already had a bachelor’s degree and, a successful business in Brazil; believe me, these do not make you immune. And, then, I started having fun! I worked as a Brazilian folk dancer, as a babysitter, nanny, waitress, chambermaid, sandwich shop clerk, secretary, teacher!

Within a couple of years, life started getting pretty much boring again: I worked my way up and that was it. Steady, full-time job, at The City of London. But thanks God, when I was about to be promoted…my husband and I moved to Manchester, on a new job post for him. Did I really see this as: Thank Goodness we are moving again!? No…But now I do! 😉 The life lessons I learned in good, old, rainy Manchester! (and learning does not come without failure, a lot of it!).

You never know what your next chapter will be like! Your situation can change in the blink of an eye. Enjoy the good things coming your way, today. And, take this time to make mistakes. Each time you make one mistake shout out loud: ‘How fantastic! I’ve learned something new!!!!’ 😉

Adri xxx


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