Do you want to be a Mother or a CEO? Both?! Oh no! It’s either one or the other!

There are so many professions which are so exhausting and blood sucking, that they should not be allowed full time. Take Motherhood, for example! I think there should actually be a law, that prohibits Motherhood full time 😉

Let’s say that from when your baby is 6 to 12-months-old, you have the option of being full-time with him/her. But, from then on, you would be forbidden’ to do such a thing! Hang with me, got my wild imagination going here…So, you’d have to share your work, work on shifts! Nice 😉

Now, if you (the mother) insisted on continuing looking after baby (toddler-to-be, remember that! Tantrums lurking your way… Yikes!); you’d have to pass a capability test:

1. Prove that you are 100% awake and charged, while caring for a baby who has not really allowed you to have a decent sleep, for a few nights! And, this baby has no intentions of going for an afternoon nap, either!

2. Prove that you have enough creativity and patience to devise stimulating and educational activities (yes, the ones Day Cares provide), for your child, without cheating (ipad, ipod, tv, naughty snacks – lollypops!).

3. At last, prove that you are sane and in control (Do you make sense of yourself when talking to adults? Does your vocabulary seem to have shrunk?). And you are not letting yourself go! (Do you go out there with greasy hair, baby food on your shirt, Barbie stickers on your clothes? What?!).

My third and last child, will be 3-years-old this coming April! And I still catch myself thinking: Can I get back to work? Is it okay? Is it early? Meanwhile, millions of women have left their 3-month-old babies at the Day Care and got on with life. Right? Wrong? None, this is a blank one!

Many stay-home-moms who have been home for some time, ask themselves:

‘Do I have enough brains left to go back to the job market? Do I?! How do I start all over again? How do I get my confidence back? Will I spark an interest in anyone, at all?! How about skills? Are my skills still relevant?!!! (Is Lotus 123 still on?!).

To these moms, I say: ‘YES!  You are powerful, you can do it! Motherhood does not liquidate you; it gives you incredible strength! I myself not only feel like Rambo sometimes (LOL!) but also 10 times more effective than many CEOs!

You just have to want it. You have to have it in your heart, that this is it, this is your time.

I see so many talented women, so many brave professional mammas who leave their brilliant careers, in order to care for their children. And I also see the opposite; the ones among us who decide to go ahead with their careers, between painful tears and very sore hearts. Both ways, it takes courage. And moms, aren’t we abundant on that!? 😉

Whatever happens, whatever you decide to do: be strong, lead the way, make it happen for you! Shine when your time comes, because it will.  There is a time and a place for all of us (and I am not talking about the kitchen!!).

Cheering for you!!

Adri xxx


2 thoughts on “Do you want to be a Mother or a CEO? Both?! Oh no! It’s either one or the other!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Now that I have my toddler turning 3…and knowing he is the last one; this thought is always on my mind 😉 And, at the same time I’m so grateful for being able to spend time with them.Tough!


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