And hasn’t it always been the case?!

Bride-to-be Marian Schembari and her fiance Elliot decided to reverse gender roles, for their engagement photo poses. The result is refreshing: turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Innovation, love, San Francisco!

I loved the idea, and might be applying this slightly irreverent and yet meaningful concept, for my next family photo shoot. I may have my kids carrying me, or perhaps my kids standing behind my husband and I; kids all polished up, husband and I licking lollipops 😉

In any case, these guys made me think of at least two things:

1. We know photos do not often tell us the truth…(eg. Facebook). But, the amount of lies that engagement and wedding pictures portrait are huge lol! Picture this: The bride always being carried by the groom, when in their near future, she is going to be the one carrying him! We all know that! lol!

2. How wonderful it is not to conform! Creativity has saved me in many ways, in many countries and situations, throughout my life. Take this week: everyone is down with a stomach flu (everyone means ‘me’, too) and who is the cleaner, the carer, the bearer? Me! The bride, the dainty one, the one with the innocent look upon her face, the dependent one Seriously?!? No…we only ‘pose’ like this so that our innocent men don’t get scared! Ahh men! We do love them; even when their common cold is making them suffer, more than our childbirth! We do love and we do care for our men, always. How creatively we do it, is up to us 😉 I blog!

Adri xxx

link to the article by Julie Alvin, @ Bustler, and the awesome photos are from Malia Moss:


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