Brussels Sprouts

Two days before Thanksgiving and she manages to book their little family holiday. Happiness! One day before their departure, she is in the kitchen, cleaning brussels sprouts for their dinner; she remembers…

‘Mom, I have an earache…it is really painful’.

‘Ow  no, I’m so sorry, sweetheart; we have to take you to a doctor…(feeling her little daughter’s temperature) you have a fever, too’.

It was freezing cold, snowing, and they did not have their good health insurance anymore. Since they lost their jobs, with the financial crises of 2008, things had taken quite an odd turn…Mom, expecting their 3rd child, and their two girls, living in NY; dad, living and working in the UK. The family could only reunite every other 2 or 3 months, in America.

‘Sorry, we do not take this insurance…’. But you guys can try urgent care, in Fairport, they will see you.’

They arrive at another health clinic, and there is a 2-hour-wait. They wait, and wait, and wait…meanwhile, they call their good friend, who’d invited them to spend Thanksgiving with her family…mom and girls would not be able to make it…

After 1h30′ waiting, the little girl says: ‘Mom, let’s go home, I am okay now!’

‘Are you sure?!’

‘Yes, mom, it is gone!’ Says the little girl with a smile of relief on her pretty face. 

They drive towards home, in the snow. The sky is grey, their mood is grey… They know it is Thanksgiving, they know dad is not home, they know their situation…Silence in the car. Mom cheers up and says:

‘Girls, what are we having for Thanksgiving?! It is 2pm!!! She parks at their local supermarket, and in there, she tells the girls to go ahead and chose some yummy things for their  Thanksgiving meal. They grab an apple pie and whipping cream, apple cider; of course! Desert is the most important part 🙂 Then, a nice piece of ham, some potatoes, bacon, and one of the girls asks for brussels sprouts!

Back home, mom cleans up the brussels sprouts, grill them with some bacon; just as the girls asked for. She knows her husband is not coming home; not for Thanksgiving, not for the weekend, not for quite some time. They eat together, nothing fancy, just a lovely little meal, with some lovely and very strong little girls. Baby gives a big kick as little sister pokes mom’s bump! Brother and sisters start to play this little game; they are all laughing!

A year goes by, it is Thanksgiving again. All the worry about what to do, where to go to… ‘The children are off school, let’s do something! Come on, you are so, so busy with your work, we can never go anywhere! I am tired, I need a break, some place else!’.

Funny thing is, once their trip was booked, it made no sense, no sense at all, for mom, to ‘go somewhere’…exactly as the brussels sprouts had whispered to her:

He is here, you are together, the boy was born perfect. All under the same roof. There is nowhere else to go to. You’ve arrived.’

Sometimes, you forget what really matters. Sometimes, you follow the masses, sometimes, you lose faith, sometimes you fall. Ups and downs in everyone’s lives. Each time you fall and come back up on your two feet; you gained strength and wisdom. Accept this gift, keep it tight and close to you. Share it, too; to give hope to the one’s who think there is no way. Way! 😉

Adri xxx


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