Do not change the goal post!

Holding the fort for 2 weeks. Fine. Now, when he came to tell me, this last Saturday, that he has one more tough week to go through; all I heard was:

‘I am changing the goal post, darling.’ YOU can cope, right?! One more week, 7 more days, 168 hours, only!’




No I can’t! I can’t! But, then, I thought: do you have another option, Adri? Nooo! So, suck it up and work it girl!

Saturday though, we had the absolute honor, to hang out with my husband; for the entire day! And, it was so much fun! Even all the silly family arguments in the car, were awesome! My favourite part was when we were driving around Stanford Campus and mentally (with no pressure) preparing our first born to make fabulous choices for her brilliant future 😉 Parents r us! Then, after spending a day in Palo Alto, I secretly concluded: I want to live here. I’ve always liked Palo Alto, but now, I love it!

Well, Sunday came…and my 3rd-week-single-mom-scheme started, again. Took the children to church but made sure before I left home, I gave my husband some of my witch’s brew and, before I closed the front door, I made sure I let go some of my dragon fire, too! How dare him, work so hard?! How dare him take his responsibilities so seriously?! And how dare him do so well in his career, right?! I mean, shame on him! (lol or on me?!).

Yes, we are a family, we are a team. And I keep repeating to my team: ‘We are all together in this. If one falls, everyone suffers!’. Our toddler; does not get it. After church, I had to take them all with me, to the mall. It’s the girls’s First Communion, this coming Sunday, and they need outfits. So, here starts the burden: go to the mall with two teens and a toddler boy. I must say I did not look at it positively, to start with. Would it have made a difference, if my outlook on my Sunday was more ‘positive’? Nope.

In and out shops; teens in, toddler and I; out. Lunch time: I hate food courts! Fine. Next: of course there is a little train going in circles  and of course, little guy wants to have a go and sure enough mom, takes pity on her little boy, and says ‘yes’. Meanwhile, teens seize the opportunity and disappear inside Forever 21. Train ride is over, little brother has had enough of seating in his stroller…Mom single handed pushes stroller (with lots of bags hanging on it!), with the other hand carries little boy, who refuses to walk. A tantrum is eminent: either mom or little boy is about to burst!

We regroup and carry on. After queuing up for a long time at H&M, teen number one appears with another dress (meaning, the one I am then holding, and queuing up to pay for, may no longer be the one). She goes to try it on.  I keep telling people to take up my place in the queue and go ahead as I am waiting for my sweet girl to make up her mind. She comes back, very smiley with ‘the one‘! I swap the dresses, find my little boy underneath clothes rail. It is my turn, I pay, I make my way out!

All is wonderful, we seem to be going home after 4 hours in a mall. But, we are not leaving, not just yet. Little brother is mad because he wants to see Santa and he wants to go to a toy shop, which by the way is on the other side of the mall. We keep pressing towards the exit, like if we were refugees running out of a camp! My little boy realizes our secret plan and throws a massive tantrum. Everyone at the mall is staring at my face as if that was the first tantrum they’d ever seen! Come on, people! He is good at it, but I don’t think he is the best. You should have seen my Clara, when she was 3; epic!

Well, we come home to great news: dad’s TED talk video is up on Youtube! Awesome, we so want to see that! One mission, accomplished, for all of us! 🙂 But, hang in there; what is this dress you are wearing??! Are you kidding me, right now?! It is your FIRST COMMUNION, for goodness sake! It is not your First Dance! Are you out of your mind! I cannot believe we did it all for nothing, today, at that mall! I want to die!! Yes, I had a mega tantrum.


Watching my husband’s TED talk was giving us a sense of great achievement. On the other hand, watching my eldest in that mini dress for church…wasn’t quite so inspiring! Never mind; teens! She looked very cute though, and it wasn’t that short; just not First Communion material!

And, yes, today, everyone is out of the house.  Peace and quiet! I just want to sit here and hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing. Until, when I stand up and go to the freaking mall, to change this dress!

Changing the goal post: not cool! Can I cope? Sure! How will I cope? I have no idea! Accepting suggestions right now 😉 Life is beautiful!

Adri xxx


2 thoughts on “Do not change the goal post!

  1. Eu adorei ‘I just want to sit here and hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing.’, eu tenho esses momentos tb:). O Matheus ficou 4hrs no mall sem tantrum? Q menino bonzinho


    1. Bonzinho mesmo viu rs?! Por isso que fico com um doh de leva-lo em malls, nao eh justo. E hj na minha terceira semana de luta…minha filha passou das 5:30pm de ontem, ate as 4:30am vomitando…winter vomitting bug…um pecado…


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