‘In the end everything is gonna be alright; if it is not alright, it is not the end’

So, it must, certainly not be the end for me, yet! Because, no, it is not alright (lol).In the very week I was thinking about getting the whole family ready for flu shots; we fell down with it. One, by one, by one…falling falling one by one by one (Yap, my tween listens to Linkin Park, a lot).

A week and a half has gone by, the crew has gotten out of this horrible virus and me? I was looking after everyone, working double shift (ha ha) as my husband got worse than any of us! Everything with man is so much more pronounced…they  really meet death so much more often than us; mere women! Poor little things men are… Ow, me? I forgot.

This week though, I did something I rarely do: made a promise…I promised to be grateful, and try really hard not to complain about life.

Yes, I do regret that, but it is done. Now what? How does one genuinely do it? My mom knows; she’s been trying to teach me not to complain, for a lifetime! But it is not really catching on, is it?! (kidding…). I feel like an obnoxious being. A rebel. A wiseless person. An ungrateful brat.

Maybe I really am all of those above, or maybe not. Maybe there are some feelings deep inside me which are so unresolved that stop me resolving the simple things in my life! Maybe.

In any case, I’ve promised.

I am so grateful I can sit here and write (after weeks!). Super grateful I am not blowing my nose,  grateful everyone is better and out of the house (there!) and I’d be even more grateful if there were people like me…out there. I’m a mom, a woman who makes mistakes like any other. At times, I’m quite a mixture of Mother Theresa and Pulp Fiction! (minus the dope, the guns!) Lol!

Wow! I could actually really write quite an endless list of things I’m grateful for! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! It’s working!!!! May it last! 😉

I feel sooo Pulp right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Adri xxx

2 thoughts on “‘In the end everything is gonna be alright; if it is not alright, it is not the end’

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