It snows on my beach!

I was just browsing the net, looking for recipes with Nutella. I came across one blogger commenting on an awesome Nutella cookie recipe: ‘…it looks like we are going to be snowed in the next couple of days; I know what I will make for my family! Yum’.

Oh, that brought me the sweetest memories, literally… I don’t think my family and I will be snowed in so soon; we are living in California! But, we used to live with massive amounts of snow, when living in NY.

As a Brazilian mom, I used to complain so much about the snow, the freezing weather, the never ending (Upstate) NY Winters…

‘Snowed in the next couple of days…’ I can nearly feel it…in the warmth of our (sold) house in NY…It was so nice! The children outside, playing in the snow, in our huge backyard where we could even sledge; so fun! They would come back inside with their red noses, to find hot chocolate with cream and a hint of cinnamon beside a plate of freshly baked cookies! So comforting to meet up for the many dinners with our friends and children; all the cooking, the laughter, the warmth of friendship, Brazilian music 😉 and fireplace! I did not know how incredibly precious moments we were creating…I had no idea.

Now, pretty much, doing the same over here, under this amazing blue sky and sunshine of California. I complain about the heat! About the competitiveness of the Valley, the ridiculously high prices of housing…All unaware of the precious moments we are collecting, right here, right now…

Where next, I wonder? Will there be a next stop for this family? Is this it? Whatever the answer is, just by searching for a Nutella recipe, today, I was suddenly reminded: these are precious moments…and they do not compare to any other; they are all unique in one’s lifetime.

‘One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.’ Henry Miller



Adri xxx


One thought on “It snows on my beach!

  1. Beautiful! No other comment but Beautiful! Reading these words was all I needed tonight! God Bless You and Your precious family!


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