Ready, pack, go! Plus ‘Dicas de Doida’: good reads for moms of toddlers and teens ;)

Ok, this is nearly the last week of Summer holidays and we are packing to go on our ‘family vacation’…this is us.

I am finally ready to go to bed, thinking: Mateus’s bag is ready, Julia and Clara are all packed, the kitten has a sitter, cancelled some appointments, trash is all outside, school paperworks are all set, my nails are…horrible, my feet; won’t comment on that one, my legs are half hairy (that’s what happens when you try to shave under the shower, at past 1am, half asleep!). Haven’t packed for myself, will do that tomorrow, my head is just an empty shell right now……….

6 hours later….

Yay! We are leaving today! Everyone is in bed, I take a shower and fix my legs 🙂 Now, when I open the bathroom door…what a surprise!!! Mateus is awake and he has pulled all clothes out of our luggage and    s    p   r    e    a      d         t h e m       a   r   o  u    n   d my bedroom!! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!

Never mind; I repack them all, husband fixes breakfast, everyone is up; apart from my eldest who is still in bed… and, we are going to leave this house, eventually, later this morning…

You know, a few days ago I was fretting about how I have been shouting at the girls in order to get things done around the house, going crazy with the amount of toys Mateus spreads all over the floor, not been efficient at communicating with my teens and toddler and feeling just overwhelmed; like mothers do…

It so happens that this is all normal and millions of us, moms, go through the exact same thing! Some have written books and some have gotten it right! So, here it goes, a little list of books that came in hand when I needed some advice in the middle of chaos! Hope it helps you too 😉 But, for me; nothing beats prayer! And, talking to other moms and having that feeling of: Yep! All in the same boat! I am not alone! And I am doing a fairly decent job. Not the best mom ever, but a good one 🙂

Crucial Conversations – reading it now and helping overall with communicating with everyone. The shouting and frustration have improved a lot! Thanks to my friend Betina, who has recommended it 😉

Incredible Years – by Caroline Webster Straton: this was a long while ago, when my Clara was one of those toddlers who throw themselves on the floor at the supermarket, mall, wherever! I remember reading it and going: Ahhhhh! That is why! That is how! – it was recommended by a very treasured Irish friend of mine, and wonderful professional in the area of Health and I call her: THE super Nanny! She is a mother of wonderful twin teens, now!

I’ve gotta go now..we are finally leaving! I would love to increase the list of books above, but cannot right now… I welcome you all to contribute with it on our facebook page Adri and Her 3. How about that?!

Wish me well!!!

Adri xxx

Mom always last…but who puts us last? We do it wholeheartedly, to ourselves! We are a very rare specie.


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