May the force be with you!

‘Shall we just turn right?’

‘Nahhh, turn left!’

Left is good’! – And we drove off…

Once we’d chosen our direction, we set off towards the unexpected, on our honeymoon. Two aliens, both passports being renewed: no travelling abroad…we get into our old, black Renault and drive on….

England, August 8,1997. After driving West of London, we approach… Stonehenge; fabulous! We visit this amazing and magical, ancient site (4000-years-old!), find a B&B and spend a couple of days exploring. Next day, I was turning 26. We had dinner at a local pub, sat outside; it was ‘pleasant’ weather day. My birthday cake was a slice of whatever cake they had available on the menu, with a candle on top. We were so free, so happy, so in tune with ourselves and the world: people, nature, arts...

This morning, 17 years later, I wake up in another country, another bed with another little man…whispering to me, at about 4am:

‘Help me, help me!’

‘It’s okay, it’s okay, mommy is here!’ – I turn to him,  give him a hug and realize he wasn’t dreaming; he was…WET!

I pick my little boy up, take him to the bathroom, wash him, get his fresh pajamas on, and he goes back to sleep, in his own little bed. I go back to the ‘disaster zone’ (the sofa bed); clean it up and think: once upon a time, I lived in a Castle and I was care free!

Could not fall asleep again and remembered it is my wedding anniversary, today!
I iron a shirt, prepare a tasty, warm breakfast. Thinking: poor man; he gets this VIP treatment once a year and not every year!! I am so far from being the perfect wife. What was I doing in my son’s bedroom, anyway? Fell asleep putting him to sleep. Exhausted mom of 3, with 3, for nearly 3 months, at home. School time; come to the Veres’, please!

Together, my husband and I have a lot of incredible stories to tell. We’ve gonne places, we’ve gonne mad, we’ve dreamed big and wild! (We actually still do…). But to this date, the best thing we’ve ever done was: to believe. We believed we were the ones, we believed we’d have these wonderful children, we believed we could go places and make a difference. We believed each other.

That is why this morning, when he was standing at our doorstep, leaving to work (totally clueless)…I said:

‘Hey don’t panic, don’t go into desperation mode… because…. you know I don’t care and I am the one who does not remember these things…: Today, is our London (we married in Hungary, too…) wedding anniversary! – I smile and kiss him…then I laugh and he is like:

‘No…ow no!’

‘Hey, that’s okay! Just remember: Ealing Town Hall, London and…may the force be with you! (LOL) I wave him goodbye.

There is magic in London and it has worked its way throughout our relationship. I guess I am evoking that today 😉 God bless this man; 17 years with me!!!

Adri xxx


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