Nothing in Phoenix

I’ve recently met this lady; a journalist, an author and a mother of two teens.

As an all American family, she was very keen to tell me what a great job we’re doing in bringing up our children speaking nearly 3 languages. Hungarian dad, Brazilian mom, two British and one American born child, lived in and experienced so many different cultures: these would serve my children well. I then, told her:

‘- On the other hand, your children are well rooted, have had the same good friends since kindergarten, and it maybe easier for them to be more confident than for my children…My kids will be okay in the future, but right now, the world seems a little too complex for them. They are very aware of cultural differences.

Every situation has 2 sides to it.

We’ve lived in quite a few places, and are now in California. She asks me how I like it here, making a clear reference to the bright blue sky above us and the beautiful, warm pool right in front of us. I said:

‘It’s okay…’ (I am cheeky… 😉 Of course living in Cal is fun! ‘I guess the weather cannot get any better than this! But, I do miss good old Rochester, NY; its never busy, no fuss airport,  the lush green , the crystal clear lakes, the beauty of a snow day, the slower pace of life…’

‘I know what you mean, I’m from Phoenix; no traffic jams, the tranquility…But, there is nothing in Phoenix!’

‘There is nothing in Phoenix!’ That affirmation stuck to my brain…’There is nothing in Rochester!’, ‘There is nothing in Darlington!’, There is nothing in Sao Bernardo!’ Yet, I know people in nearly all of those places who have found something to live for, right there. People who have gone to college in their hometowns, have married, had children, set up their businesses or have remained at their jobs for 15 years or more!

I used to think the above situation unthinkable. There is beauty in being born in a place and being able to stick with it! The people,  the house you were born in, the grocery shop, the bakery, the butcher’s, your church, your High School! Living memories you can see and touch.

It is like living in a treasure chest. But, you don’t know it until you actually get out of your chest…and realize there is something in it. Ah, there is. You just have to want it.

treasure chest

Adri xxx


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