Go to bed for goodness sake!!!

This is the millionth time I say: ‘Go to bed, Mateus!’ And, he keeps repeating: ‘Nao queh, nao queh, nao queh’..’.I don’t want to, I don’t want to…!’

How can a 2-year-old, who has not slept the whole day, has been out and about, has been swimming, playing in the pool for over an hour…does not get tired at 8:30pm??

There are days when I think the whole world has set up to test my patience and endurance! :0

When I think my 2-year-old is at least, laying quietly in bed…I hear my teens arguing at their bedroom door!

‘-Don’t grab me! Stop! Get out of my bedroom! Give me my phone!’

This is all happening in the same small corridor where Mateus’ bedroom is…he comes to his door, of course, to join in the family gathering. But, hang on, the family is not yet complete…when the girls finally decide who is gonna clean the cat’s litter, then comes the kitty, runs into Mateus’ bedroom and Mateus is screaming now…

But still, the family is not complete…where is daddy?! Business dinner. I wish I had a PhD degree and that I made way more money than my husband, oh I wish…just at this minute, I do, I do, I do!

As I write, my teen is with my toddler. You know why? Because she was on the computer after the argument with her sister and then, I sent her to do some reading…And, you thought she was putting her little bro in bed completely out of the goodness of her heart…ha ha ha

You know, this afternoon, my little boy was already quite impossible…and I, in desperation mode, decided to put him in his stroller – after covering him up with sunscreen – and go for a ride to send him to sleep…I walked around my neighbourhood for nearly one hour. And, if you live in California, you will know how freaking hot it was today, at around 2pm!

Well, cutting a long story short, he did fall asleep and when we got home, I unstrapped him…and he woke up feeling madder than ever! So, I was burning hot, he slept for 10 minutes and I just threw myself in my bed wanting to cry! But, I was so sweaty that I actually took off all my clothes an stayed in my bedroom, naked with the ceiling fan on, while my son was just there having his tantrum! If you happened to be at my place at that time of the day, you’d think you’d arrived at the mad house… I then remembered my friend, Juliana, who also has a two-year-old, and says that at times she herself wants to run out naked to the streets; screaming and pulling her hair off!!!!!!!! Yap! Juliana, I very nearly did that, tonight…good thing I write!

I don’t know how this night is gonna end, and even worse; if it will ever end!!!

He is still awake. One of my girls is drawing, the other one is with him…I will have to take over now…I’ve gotta a feeling…U-huuuu that tonight is gonna be a good night...NOT!

Why? Why?! Why did you have to have this torturous gaps: teen, tween and a toddler? Were you insane, Adriana?

No, God has plans for me, and they are the best. It was all meant to be like that (ok, it wasn’t bad planning from my side hehe). I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer…

Wait…wait…wait…just…….. a…………… little…………………………….. longer……………………………………………………………………he is awake, still =0

Keep sane, keep going, they will grow, and I will party like mad in my 70’s!!!!!!!

Night night for the ones who can actually have a decent night!

Adri xxx

ps: You know what? He came to my bed…and I just told him: Mom is writing, go to sleep…and completely ignored him…so, he just, just fell asleep…my girls are not at the computer anymore…I can hear them outside playing tennis with the children in the street! Life is beautiful once again!!!!!!  I wish, I wish I liked wine, just to sit out in my garden and savour the peace and quiet…Well, guess I will just have to do that with a cuppa! 😉 Phew! Thought I would not survive this one!


4 thoughts on “Go to bed for goodness sake!!!

  1. Adriana! Toma um chá gelado e curte como se fosse um vinho!! 🙂
    Eu sei bem o que é isso que vc passou… as vezes eu sinto isso ainda com os meus filhos que já tem 9 e 11 anos… Bom, pelo menos eles já viram sozinhos se for preciso!! 🙂
    Beijos, Be


  2. Eh aquela vontade de dizer: Sumam daqui! rs! Suas cotas jah estouraram comigo! Basta molecada rs! E, parem de me chamar de mae de voces!!!rsrs! Nossa, que stress que foi…mas dai, passa… voce os ve dormindo feito anjos e agradece a Deus tanto, tanto…!


  3. Que engraçado!Espero que seus dias sejam mais tranquilos.
    Você me deixou preocupada. Meu filho mais velho faz 2 anos no mês que vem e eu tenho outro bebê de 6 meses. Fiquei me imaginando na sua situação e pensei que com certeza iria beber uma cerveja:)
    Btw, o meu nome é Luciana e a gente ainda não se encontrou.


    1. rsrs Nao fica preocupada nao rs! Minhas meninas raramente brigam, eu gosto muito dessa ‘gap’de 2 anos/2 anos e meio, no caso delas. Foi muito dificil quando a segunda nasceu; eu amamentando uma e com o livro na mao contando historia para a outra…era um ciume…mas elas sao muito amigas, e eh bonito de ver mesmo. Essa quinta-feira eh que a ‘bruxa tava solta’ rs aqui em casa, aff! Vem pra ca um dia ver tudo isso de perto rs! Voces estao longe de San Jose? Bjs e obrigada pelo comentario!


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