Summer Camp frenzy!

Here I am, living in this bewildering place called ‘Silicon Valley’. From London to NY, every place in between and now, here: the center of the world; they say.

Where everyone promotes themselves but hardly ever succeed in just being.

This is a place where people compete on which summer Camps they send their children to (and no, if you have just arrived your new friends will not inform you about the ‘top of the crop camps’, which BTW you should have signed in your little darling last January!).

Making friends just for the sake of friendship  is way too traditional. This place is just too cool for that!

So, I am having fun my way; have set up my own Summer Camp; my backyard where friends can come in and out, have a bite or two or tree!  Swim, chat, laugh, cry, and pay nothing. Our children can just be and we can just hope for better and even brighter days, here, in the Valley! 😉

We lead our little ones by example…

Summer camp 2013 :)

Stay tuned! Life in the Valley carries on and it is not all that bad, neither it is all that jazz 😉

Next: Middle School 0=


Adri xxx


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