Spring Break: OVER!!!!!!!! :,(

You know when you are on vacation, but you are at your family’s house, not in a hotel? The first days together  are tough, because you all seem to get on each other’s nerves; even though you’ve been waiting for this moment for months and months! This is what Spring Break felt, at first, in my household. A few days pass by – shall we say 4 or 5 (out of 7! ) – then you finally get the hang of it and so do the kids!  You laugh together, you play together, eat, sing horribly, tell stories, and all of a sudden time is up! Time to go back to your routines, school day tomorrow…I am not sad; no, no, no, I am a totally normal person; I am just thoughtful right now, here in my bed, in the sweet silence of kids asleep!

What I learned this Spring break is that I did a really good thing by having a slightly ‘big’ family – ok, for the 21st century we kind of are a big family. When you are 2 you are good; you are not alone, 3 you have started your family! 4 you have increased your family, doubled the fun and the work! Now, 5! You are a group of people, you are quite many, you see? You may not all fit in your sister’s car when you visit your family abroad, you will have to split on the way from the airport to grandma’s house…you may be way too many to be invited for that dinner party… But you are always a crowd of its own, a tight group of people who share the same blood, love, values and stuborness, depending on your genetic mould 😉

I learned that we can get on by ourselves and be just fine! Of course we like company, we have friends, but having five of us under the same roof is an awesome feeling!

When people look at me with a teen, a pre-teen going totally teen and a little toddler, they often ask if my son was a ‘surprise’…’Surprise to whom? Certainly not to me!

Some people like it hot, some like it cold, some like it big, some like it small! I like it crazy! Colours all over, laughter, tears, drama and a lot of chocolate kisses, muddy hugs and childish dreams!

non-competitive games ha ha! And, no cheating!
non-competitive games ha ha! And, no cheating!

Here is a pic of one of our totally ‘non-competitive’ spring break games. Look at tot’s little hand underneath ‘big sis’ Tee 😉 Tickle time…You loose!Good week to you all!

Adri xxx



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