To Mena, with love <3


Hey! Long time no see you!

Wherever you now are, I wanted to say a few things to you, my dearest friend…

I remember, I know everything you went through. I think of you and see a tremendous person. A very brave woman who had the guts to say ‘no’ and stand up for yourself.

I know your girls are proud of you and they love you dearly. I know you are doing such a good job of raising them all by yourself.  Are you by yourself?! A pretty, clever woman like you? 😉

Please know that I am far but still pray for you. I love you 3 as family. When I go through times I think of them as ‘taught’ I remember, especially, that afternoon, you barefoot, one on your shoulder, the other firmly holding your hands with those lovely and yet so frightened big black eyes, so little they were…So glad you all came to us. So glad you trusted me as your friend, so proud you finished your degree, so proud you take such good care of  your children, your family, your patients and us, your friends, we all love you dearly.

You are special, Mena, you are worthy and whenever you need, you know, I am not there anymore, but there’s a bunch of wonderful, understanding, and unassuming people at this place above! Remember them?! Remember us xxxx

God bless you always, Mena,

Be strong, never let yourself go. You are an example for your girls, a voice for many who never ever spoke…and may still be there in the dark, waiting to be found…

Love and more love,

Adri xxx


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