No sick leave for you, dear!

Yesterday afternoon off, in bed, recovering from wisdom tooth extraction. Husband cooking, children being helpful and civil towards each other, classical music in the background, my dear French friend Marie and I texting each other peacefully – since my good friend Marie was sick and also in bed I guess we both just thought we could have some ‘teen fun’ texting!

Surely in her household all was going on as smoothly as in mine…

Nope!!! Now, play the above scene with a heavy metal hard rock in the background, me in bed trying to doze off between intervals of changing the bloody gauze, my husband and my teen daughter constantly bickering, a sudden scream from my daughter and a desperate run from my husband…they all meeting in the family bathroom which, by the way, is right across from my bedroom:

‘Daaaaaaaaaaad! Mateus! Mateus! What do you have in your mouth!!??Mateeuussss!

‘Juliahhhhhhh! I told you to watch him! What does he have in his mouth! What is it? Com’on tell me!!!!’

‘I don’t know! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I don’t know dad, he’s got something and it is leaking!! Dad! Daad!!!!

Forget the dentist’s recommendations on ‘take it easy, don’t run, don’t bend your head, plenty of rest bla bla…’Jumped off my bed, my heart pounding, and there they were with Mateus now crying from the top of his lungs, my husband trying to wash his mouth and saying: ‘give it to me Mateus, give it to daddy!!’ – That was when I saw, a piece of chocolate I thought, coming out of his mouth when I do the ‘finger swab’ ! But, hey, chocolate, no,no,no…not chocolate, watercolour, yes, brown watercolour! He was chewing a little circular piece of brown watercolour!

Well, panic and blaming session is over, give the boy some cold milk…all is well. I go back to my peaceful afternoon. Snooze…

‘What?! In half an hour?!! No dad, no! you have to take me to the dance now, I agreed with my friends!!!’

‘I have a teleconference, it will only take 5 minutes.’

‘bla bla bla bla, stomp stomp stomp’ Mateus, no!!!!! No, Mateus, no!!!!!!!!

O my, o my, what have I done? At that point I could just hear Marie’s attempts to reach me on voxer…and my head spinning, my gum bleeding sore. The bell rings, my middle daughter arrives from her play date, the family is now complete…   o         my        gosh!

I get out of bed, need to give everyone some instructions, directions, ‘broncas rs’! But seriously, speaking with a gauze in my mouth and a half numb tongue was not that clear and they could not understand me! Frustration!! I grab pen and paper start writing quickly and …they now cannot read awful handwriting…all right, all right, at that point, guess what? We are all laughing! I love this family. But, how did they manage to earthquake the house in such little time?!? All around me that used to be so neat was mayhem!

The joys of a big family, the joys of motherhood!

So you think you can take time off? No way, woman! You are way too important, pivotal part of your family. And yes, it is true, without you, all go to pieces! So look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say: ‘You are awesome, woman, you rule!’

Great weekend everyone! Love yourselves.

Adri xxx


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