Here I am, in bed, it is 2:30pm, no one home! Ahhhh life is good!

Reality check:  I’ve just had my wisdom tooth pulled out and my husband and son are out buying me painkillers, the girls are at school and this gauze in my mouth is making me sick!

Still, it is 2:30pm and I am in bed, let’s make the most out of it!

So much to tell you girls, but for now just saying: ouch! ouch! ouch! This dentist wanted to put me to sleep just to have one wisdom tooth taken out?! I thought: you gotta be kidding me, right? 3 natural yet felt super unnatural births, barely any painkillers and now the guy wants to put me to sleep for one wisdom tooth; ha ha. Also,  I hate needles and that would mean more prickling me! No thanks. You will not charge me $500 for ‘putting me to sleep, Mr. Dr’. Just have this mean tooth out because I want to be home, at 2:30pm, in bed, and look after no one for a whole afternoon, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch…

This is when you know you are definitely a ‘mom‘; when you actually enjoy the idea of feeling pain in order to take an afternoon ‘off’!

To be continued 😉

Stay sane!

Adri xxx


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