My eldest one will be’ The Doctor’ (Doctor Who), my younger daughter will be beautiful – I do not know what exactly her costume is but she surely looks amazing in my black dress and her Viennese mask! And my little boy will either be a pirate or a candy corn, most likely a candy corn! All set!

No, wait, it is one day before Halloween and:

1.I have not bought sweets (candy) yet!

2.My Doctor Who does not have a shirt and the suspenders needed to go with the outfit, and she let’s me know about this, today!

3.My husband has business engagements tonight -meaning: I’m on my own on the above mentioned…

4.I have a hammering headache

5.I have started a business venture without having child care…

This will definitely be a month to remember!

Stay sane, don’t overdo it and remember: it is just Halloween…the biggest celebration of candy, costume and horrific decorations in America 😉 Seriously, I’ve seen stuff in front of people’s houses that made me tremble! As for me… I only do the cute stuff 😉 At least until I can get away with it, meaning; until my little boy is still too little to go out there and want to buy the SCream!

Happy Halloween!

Adri xxx


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